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Cast Iron Problems Won’t Go Away

If your home was built before the mid-70’s and you are having repeat drain stoppages, you may have ancient cast iron pipe below the floor. All cast iron sewers occlude with a rusty build up on the walls of the pipe. This build up flakes off, blocking the flow of the sewer. Over time, with enough neglect, cast iron sewers ultimately collapse and require replacement.

We’ve proven this time and again because we use a drain camera to inspect and diagnose sewer lines¬†that frequently stop up. Our camera takes the guess work out of our repair work, allows for minimum invasive demolition and produces a video that only a plumber (or maybe a cardiologist) could love.

Our plumber was called out to a home in Nokomis recently that had a history of repeat stoppages. The house was stucco on block construction with a low pitch roof and awning windows that indicated 60’s – 70’s construction. Our plumber suspected he was dealing with cast iron pipe and after cleaning the drain, he ran a video camera through the sewer line to check it’s condition.

The sewer video showed about 3 feet of collapsed cast iron under the floor. Using the locator feature with our camera, our plumber pinpointed the exact spot of the defective pipe under the floor in the master bath between the toilet and the shower. This gave our guy the ability to estimate a price to replace the defective cast iron pipe and fittings and put things right. We replaced the old cast iron with sch 40 PVC and expect it to last a lot longer.




The video camera.




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