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Toilet tissue is the issue…

A local plumber recently held a competition among 4 popular brands of toilet tissue. The best rating was given to the tissue that dissolved the quickest in a solution of pure H2O.

The test was performed by immersing 20 squares of each tissue in a flower vase full of water. Each sample was periodically agitated by an agitating expert, Brenda Brown (pictured above). Within 2 minutes, the Angel Soft was breaking down and 2 hours later it had degraded to a uniform solution, winning the competition. Second place went to Great Value, a product which dissolved at a slightly lower rate. 3rd and 4th place went to Charmin and Cottonelle respectively. Both took more than a day to degrade.

Why does this matter? That’s because paper that won’t efficiently degrade in water remains in building drains, sewers and septic tanks. If your home was constructed before the 80’s, your original drains are most likely cast iron and the interior walls of this pipe build up with oxidation much like plaque builds up in the walls of arteries. This build up literally traps toilet tissue occluding the pipe. This can cause stopped up drains and the expensive mess that comes with time. You could save this aggravation by switching to Angel Soft.

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